Day Tripper

The planets aligned this Sunday – my wife and I had a day off at the same time, so we were finally able to venture out to Barker Brewing. We had been hearing about the amazing food, friendly service, and thirst quenching beers at Barker Brewing in Barker, NY for some time, so we were […]

Tastecation: A travel guide for all things beer, and other musings

Tastecation: A travel guide for all things beer, and other musings

Destination: Louisvile, KY I recently took a brief trip down to Louisville, KY; an annual trek I make with my father, brother, and a few friends for a three-day music festival, called Forecastle Festival. Over the last four years I have become increasingly familiar with all the best places to hit up for food and […]

The Tanks are Here!

The Tanks are Here!

Last Friday we received a special delivery… 12 Gates Brewing is installing a 3-vessel 30-barrel  brewhouse powered by nearly 2 million BTUs; that is  the  equivalent of 45 propane grills going at full blast at the  Ralph Wilson Stadium, heating 60 half-barrel kegs of pre-  fermented beer. This  brewhouse could produce up to  30,000- barrels […]

We’re Getting a Makeover: Look for a Website Re-launch Soon

Shawn Kerr/Head Brewer, resident blogger, and Irishman of the year nominee The 12 Gates Brewing site will soon be going under the knife and getting a totally new look starting this week.  As such, it may be ‘under construction” for a few weeks as we work with Townsquare Media to get this site looking as […]

Does Size Matter? The American Obsession with Big Beers.

Session Beer Trend Shawn Kerr/ Head Brewer, Beer Geek, and closet Spice Girls fan   As a young Irishman I grew up trying to convince myself size doesn’t matter.  It’s about spirit right?  Back up, get your mind out of the gutter; I’m talking about my slight frame, short stature, and a heart of an […]

The Kiwis Are Coming! The Kiwis Are Coming!

Shawn Kerr/ Head Brewer Let me begin by saying, getting contracts on hops as a startup brewery is about as enjoyable as poking yourself in the eye, which actually may be even more enjoyable.  Beyond being frustrating, time consuming, and downright maddening, the vendors change their minds on availability of hops as often as a […]

The First All-grain Batch: Carbon Monoxide, Lessons in Electronics, and Mechanical Failures.

Shawn Kerr/ Head Brewer, beer geek, and all-around classy guy.  Over a decade ago I delved into the world of homebrewing, and almost from the start jumped right in as an all-grain brewer.  I’ll admit I did play with a couple extract recipes, but found myself rather unsatisfied with my level of control.  Clearly I […]

We have landed!

12 Gates Brewing Company has landed! No, we are not a plane but a brewery. But speaking of planes, we will be located very close to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Our address will be 80 Earhart Drive, Williamsville NY 14221. And if you are sitting on the right side of the plane when landing, […]

Pumping up that IPA and APA with some late addition hopping

Shawn Kerr/Brewer, Beer Geek, and all-around classy guy I wear two hats, science teacher by day (for now) and brewer over here at what I like to call the 12 Gates test labs.  It’s such a paradigm shift taking one hat off and putting the other on in so many ways – work attire is […]

Why 12 Gates?

The Meaning Behind the Name 12 Gates Brewing Company The “Twelve Gates” have their origin in folklore, mythology and scripture.  In the Book of Revelations (Revelation 21:12), there is reference to the twelve gates, each of which represents a different passageway to heaven.  Additionally, in folklore and mythology, it is commonly believed that there exists twelve […]