So it’s been awhile since a post was done.  So time for a guest post from Operations!

My function at 12 Gates is to make sure Shawn has everything he needs to brew really great beer.  Over the last year or so we have finalized our brewing equipment and now making sure he has all the malt, hops, yeast, water and whatever else is going into the beer is ready to go on day one.  So today I thought I would speak a bit about hops.

If you have taken anything from the first couple of blog post is that 12 Gates will be a very hop-forward brewery.  That means we need lots of hops and not just any hops, fancy ones that should be ‘fussed’ over.

Shawn handed me his dream list of hops and I went out to get them.  It took about 12 hours to find out it’s much easier to buy a ring made from a meteorite then it is to buy Amarillo hops on the open market.  

I did find something even better the Amarillo down in New Zealand; Rakau, Waimea and Wakatu hops.  As of right now I think we will be the only people in Western New York brewing with these very unique hops. It should be allot of fun for everyone to try out these new flavors and aroma profiles. 

Time for Shawn to rework his hop schedule and embrace the limey, mango, and whatever the hell tangelo flavors of Zealand are!