Meet the Bands of the Grand Opening Party

As the date gets closer and closer to our highly anticipated Grand Opening Party (and Music Festival), we felt it would be a good idea to provide an opportunity for everyone to get better acquainted with the bands that will be performing throughout the day.

We are very proud to bring you this lineup of exceptional local bands and sincerely hope that you are just as excited as we are to enjoy them all.

Tickets are going fast but are still available for online online purchase here .  If you don’t get a ticket in time, have no fear, we will still let you in to drink our delicious beer and enjoy some great music, food, and games.

The Lineup:


Ed Wyner & the Full Band

Arguably the best cover band in Buffalo, this dynamic 4 piece combines soul crushing guitar riffs with award winning vocals, then backed by a tight backline, to produce one of the most authentic and entertaining shows around.

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Rear View Ramblers

Rear View Ramblers are a bluegrass/original Americana group that has hit the Buffalo music scene in a very big way. Tight harmonies, strong instrumental prowess, and contagious energy are hallmarks for this group of young musicians. Featuring Buffalo Music Award Winning Katie Panfil Clark on vocals & fiddle, Andrew J. Reimers on vocals & guitar, Jayson Clark on Banjo, and Brandon Barry on Guitar & Ukulele, Rear View Ramblers have been performing all over Buffalo in clubs, bars, breweries, weddings, and even playing along side national acts such as The Ragbirds at Babeville and Yonder Mountain String Band at Canalside last summer.

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Sam Marabella and His Band

Samuel Marabella and his Band perform Roots Country, Jazz and Blues Music in venues, festivals and various events throughout Western New Your and Beyond.



Ten Cent Howl

Back before computers and cell phones and i-everything, when we were still trying to find our way, in the corners and pockets of our country when things were simpler, though always complicated by the human condition, there was music.

It spoke of the lives of our families; the older generations before you or me, before Mom and Dad, before Grandma and Grandpa. It was the feeling of the soft blades of grass between your toes on a warm summer day; of a tall cold glass of lemonade after a back-breaking day of work in the hot sun. It was dancing with your best girl under the stars. It was the voice of life and family and experience and love and heartbreak.

It is where we come from and who we are; our roots. Generations later, Ten Cent Howl has distilled that distinctly American experience into song once more.

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Uncle Ben’s Remedy

Uncle Ben’s Remedy is a hometown band that doesn’t fit into a single musical slot. Their unique sound is rooted in the small town of Versailles where community still matters and music is a part of every event. Three of the five band members learned to play and sing in this small town atmosphere, giving their music the honest, back porch feel of the country music they love.

Uncle Ben’s Remedy is Ben Westlund, singer and guitarist; Harmony Griffin, guitar, banjo and mandolin; Shawn Huestis, piano, accordion, fife, vocals and more; Brendan O’Connor, upright bass; and Jimmy Royce, drums and vocals.

For UBR, the magic happens when their blend of original songs and cover tunes bring audiences to their feet to dance and clap their hands. So join them, and bet you can’t resist stomping your feet and singing along. The band’s enthusiasm is contagious and at some point, you’ll realize you’ve stayed way too long!

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First Ward

Local heavy hitters find a breath of fresh air with a brand new melodically detailed rock band. Debuting in May 2016, the First Ward is already making waves in the Buffalo music scene. Blending indie riffs with classic rock and roll influences forms a familiar yet refreshing sound.

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Doc Z and the Brothers

Doc Z is an old school blues and rock 5 piece band. The band has been together for well over a decade as a family affair with John Zeis and his 4 sons playing classics from Muddy Waters to Cream and all the way around to Buddy Guy.


The CPX (The Andrew J Reimers County Punk Extravaganza)

Blending a multitude of influences and styles, The Andrew J. Reimers Country-Punk Extravaganza has created a unique style that must be seen to be believed. With a perfect combination of musicianship and electric stage prescence, The CPX has quickly established itself as one of the finest bands in Buffalo and is ever on the rise. Bottom line, there is no greater Country-Punk band in Buffalo NY.

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