1st Annual 12 Gates Fricket Tournament

Fricket Game

Do you Fricket? Not sure what that even means? It’s the latest game sweeping the nation! We’ve had so much fun playing it outside the taproom, we decided to hold a Fricket Tournament! Contest will be held at 12 Gates on Saturday, August 24th at 1pm – signup below today. It’s free and we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate to the winning team.

The object of the game is to score the most points by throwing a frisbee at two stakes that have Red Solo Cups balancing on them. First team to 21 wins, but you must win by 2.

1 Point – Frisbee hits one stake and knocks a cup to the ground. Defensive team can catch the cup and stop the point.
3 Points – Frisbee goes between two stakes without touching them
5 Points – Frisbee hits both stakes and knocks each cup to the ground

Watch out for your opponents though! They can grab a point if they catch the cup you knocked off before it hits the as long as they catch it with one hand and not use their body. Turns out, that’s not as easy as it sounds but definitely makes it more entertaining!

Stop by the brewery prior to Aug 21 and we’ll let you practice. You will have a riot all while drinking some great craft beer too!

Don’t you want to say that you were the first ever 12 Gates Fricket Champion! Maybe on a future trophy with your name etched on it forever? OK…maybe that’s overkill, but we like the idea.

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Watch this video clip for the rules and objectives. Want to just see the fun? Skip to the 2-minute mark or play video below.