Ancient Chaos – Dark Saison

ancient chaos Brewing this beer has been like herding cats, not easy.  To achieve the complex and varying flavors and aromas we spent a great deal of time massaging and coaxing the unique qualities of which we were striving.  Starting with a smooth and subtle Saison recipe we built it bigger, darker, and more chocolatey.  After a long and warm fermentation, we added the Pinot Noir oak from our friends at Leonard Oakes Winery and black currants.  After a watchful aging, when we had the flavors and texture we desired, we conditioned the beer for a week.

Now that the Ancient Chaos is in bottles and ready for this Saturday we know we achieved an “Ancient Chaos.”  There are notes of dark fruit, red wine, chocolate, subtle Saison spiciness, and a creamy, but woody finish.  There is a lot going on at once, just like its name.  As the beer warms more fruit and spiciness permeates the pallet.

200x 22oz bottles available at Rock The Gates Saturday, June 3. Get your tickets here >>