Dissolution – Oak Aged Baltic Porter

Dissolution Bottles

The beginning of this beer’s creation goes back to February of 2017.  Our Head Brewer had been tinkering with a few different imperial lager recipes and decided upon brewing a Baltic Porter.  He figured why not brew something difficult and challenging to push himself and the crew.  In March of 2017 the brewing began.  In May the beer began aging on Oak staves (the slats of a barrel) and schisandra berries.  And now, the beer is coming out of its slumber and being bottled to be shared with you.

The complexity of this 9.4% Baltic Porter comes from the bold roasty notes, the smooth vanilla derived from the oak aging, and those berries that are hard to pronounce.  Feel free to Google “schisandra berries” to see where we got these little beauties from and why we chose those over every other berry we were already familiar with.  The months of aging have allowed all of these unique flavors and aromas to meld together to develop a deep and complex imperial lager.

Look for notes of vanilla, coffee, light oakiness, plum, raisin, cranberry, and red wine.  The alcohol warmth usually ascribed to a high ABV like this one is subtle thanks to the lager yeast and months of aging.  This beer can be aged up to 2 years to develop a greater depth of dark fruit and chocolate, but can definitely be drank fresh.  Just do this beer justice and drink it from a bourbon snifter while watching the sun set.  You won’t regret it.

Bottle Release:
Saturday, Sept 30th 2017
100x 22oz bottles $12 each
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