Hermetic IPA

“Hermetic”, or “The Hermetic Seal of Light” is an alchemical term for the all-encompassing characters of the different fields of alchemy.  We most often read about the physical form of alchemy, the transmutation of impurity to perfection.  One example of this form of alchemy is the conversion of base elements into gold.  But there are two other fields of alchemy- the medical and the spiritual.  The medical form of alchemy dealt in early biology, anatomy, and medicine.  These were early practitioners of medicine who would travel with their stash of elixirs supposedly curing you of what ails you.  The spiritual form of alchemy was born in ancient Egypt.  There was transmutation, but internal in the soul.  The spirit was believed to be changed from impure to pure.   The physical and the medical forms of alchemy were rooted in the ideals of the spiritual form of alchemy.

You can see the physical representation of Hermetic Alchemy on the grounds of our brewery inside of the iron cube.

 So what does this have to do with “Hermetic” and naming our summer IPA “Hermetic IPA”?  Well, the Hermetic Form of Alchemy encompasses all three of the above-mentioned forms of alchemy.  It is the underlying philosophy of alchemy, to change and make pure.  Whether it is the body, the soul, or the earth, there is a conversion, a purification, a process of change.  We took that philosophy and applied it to this beer.  We tried new ideas, new techniques, and a new understanding to create a great summer IPA from base materials.

 We hope you enjoy drinking the Hermetic IPA as much as we enjoyed making it.