Meet the Team – Dan Bean


What is your position at 12 Gates Brewery?

Part Time Assistant Brewer

How long have you been working for 12 Gates?

I started as an intern in February of 2016, so a little over a year now. After completing my internship, I was hired on as a part-time assistant since I was still working full-time elsewhere.

Which beer have you been enjoying the most frequently lately?

I’m normally drawn to the darker styles of beer, porters and stouts, but I really enjoy our West Coast Style IPA. It’s just great solid glass every time.


So you’re originally from Essex Junction, Vermont; what made you end up coming to Buffalo and settling here?

Love. After bouncing around with the military and being away from the north for so many years, I wanted to be closer to home and family. I moved from Texas back in 2012 and came to Buffalo to live with my girlfriend Sarah. We’re from Essex Junction and have known each other since kindergarten. Texas was just too long of a commute to spend time together.

Was the craft beer scene in Vermont impressive while you were living there or has it exploded since you left?

The craft scene in Vermont exploded in the years I was away from Vermont. Magic Hat for example is in the old Grossman’s Lumber building I went to as a kid with my dad. Their bottling line is in the area that used to be the lumber section. We still made beer runs to Montreal when I was living there in the 80s.

You were also in the military; how many years did you serve for, and in what branch?

I joined the Army National Guard while still in high school, and went into the Active Army after completing training and my minimum time in the guard.

Thank you for your service, Dan. Did the military have any influence on you deciding to study Biotechnology and Brewing Science in college?

Thank you. The military exposed me to a lot of different cultures and gave me a more worldly view. I started making hard cider and fruit wine while I was in the Army to work on my patience. As a paratrooper, we had an 18-hour, wheels up mentality so having something that took extra time and focus was challenging. Time well spent for sure. Biotechnology is fascinating, but it is more of a means to improve my scientific skill set for brewing.

Do you have any hobbies, besides concocting the perfect beer?

Mead making, woodworking, building projects, photography, fishing, and too many other things to list I guess. I have a hard time being idle. The hardest thing for me is to shut down my brain. It’s always working on something.

What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

A 34” Red Drum while working in Texas. I spent a lot of time down on the gulf coast fishing when I lived there. Great times.

What’s your ideal vacation?

Touring Europe and enjoying the old world vineyards, breweries and history with Sarah. Either that, or spending time back home hitting all of the Vermont breweries and visiting family. Tough choice.