Meet the Team – Nicole Koszarek

Nicole Pouring

How long have you been bartending at 12 Gates?

Since day 1, baby! I got hired to serve our beer shortly before the taproom opened in December 2015.

When and where was your first gig behind the pine?

At a lovely establishment called Crabapples in Cheektowaga, back in June of 2015. It was here that I truly fell in love with the craft beer scene (shoutout to Brewmaster Pete! Love you, bud!), and knew it had to be a constant part of my life!

What makes pouring pints different at 12 Gates different than other establishments?

We really focus on knowing what we’re pushing across the barwhich hops and malts we use in our beers, how our beers are brewed, what they all taste like, and what fits each guests’ personal preference when they’re unsure on what to order. We’re all required to be a Certified Beer Server through the Cicerone program, so we have to be dedicated to what we do! And, of course, our regularswe aren’t just some corner bar where people come and go. We have awesome relationships with our regulars here, and they feel like family! Same with all of our employees. We aren’t a huge operation, but we make it workand we all work together!

What’s your favorite beer that’s currently on tap?

I’m a big fan of mixing our beersI’ve been sipping on half Hop On The Mic IPA and half Apricot Wheat all month! Tastes like summer in a tulip glass.

Which days of the week are you typically working the taproom?

I’m always here on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays!

Is there something about you that might surprise your regulars?

Apart from also being the current Bar Manager at 100 Acres: The Kitchens at Hotel Henry, I am also a licensed cosmetologist, a licensed Master Barber, and a professional body piercer by trade.

You have quite a few tattoos. Are any beer related or have you considered it?

Haha, I don’t quite yet, but it is certainly on my to-do list!

There are a lot of upcoming events going on. Any, in particular, you’re really looking forward to?

Definitely the Dark Side Of The Moon Party (Saturday, July 20th)I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan! Our anniversary party on December 12th is one of my favorite days of the year, it’s always a blast!! And I’m already looking forward to Rock The Gates Vol. 4 in 2020!!