Who is Randall and Why Does He Show Up on Thursdays?


Often I am asked about this Randall Thursday thing and, more specifically, “Who the hell is Randall?” Let’s take a moment to clear this up, and no, it isn’t named after one of our very first customers, Randall “Randy” Hackathorn; Sorry, Randy.

On Thursdays, we typically launch a special, one-time-only beer infusion.  The process of infusing a beer with “something” is called, well, in its simplest form, infusing.  Dogfish Head Brewing in Milton, Delaware created a device for this type of infusing called “Randall the Enamel Mammal” or for short, “Randall.”  This instrument of flavor allows beer to be filtered through whatever products are being used.  The alcohol in the beer breaks down and extracts the flavors, aromas, and colors from spices, fruits, wood, or whatever the hell we want to put in there.  The beer then travels through the rest of our draft system to the faucet, where you get to enjoy the tasty, albeit sometimes weird, concoction.

The device we use is similar to a Randall, and it hides out in our beer cooler.  We spend ample time brainstorming fun and innovative ingredients to match with our beers.  But let’s face it, sometimes our ideas are fantastic and other times they are just plain weird.  That’s the charm of our Randall Thursdays, to try something new and see if it works. Brewing is 50% art and 50% science, so this process really allows us to dive into our imaginations, using the pint glass as our canvas.