The Tanks are Here!

Tom, Shawn, Rob, and Todd overseeing the delivery

Tom Kirchmeyer, Shawn Barmore, Rob Haag, and Todd Wilhelm (from left to right).

Last Friday we received a special delivery…

12 Gates Brewing is installing a 3-vessel 30-barrel  brewhouse powered by nearly 2 million BTUs; that is  the  equivalent of 45 propane grills going at full blast at the  Ralph Wilson Stadium, heating 60 half-barrel kegs of pre-  fermented beer. This  brewhouse could produce up to  30,000- barrels (930,000  gallons or 14 million pints) per  year if  we had the fermentors for it. We’re starting with  six 60-barrel  fermentors and a  single 60-barrel brite  tank, which is the  finishing vessel in  the brewing process. This will cap us to  about 8,500  barrels in the first  year. The brewhouse is designed to add a lauter tun (nothing more than a secondary mashing tun used to further separate grain from the wort during the mashing process), two  additional 60-barrel fermentors, and one more 60-barrel brite tank. That would add 2,000 barrels of capacity, which means even more 12 Gates beer for you!